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Less Education? Don’t get panic we are providing a good opportunity for you all to work in Europe, Beautiful Place LITHUANIA. In recent years, more and more foreigners have been coming to Lithuania looking for work. While the process of getting a job and living in Lithuania is relatively simple for EU nationals, third-country nationals must go through several procedures to get a job.

To work in Lithuania, a third-country national must usually obtain one of the following documents:

  1. Work permit
  2. Decision on the compliance of foreign work with labour market needs (see here for more information).

What is the difference between a work permit and a decision on the compliance of foreign work with Lithuanian labour market needs?

Work permits are usually issued for one year. It allows a foreigner to apply for a national work visa. With a work permit, a foreigner can be employed for up to three months with a Schengen visa or under a visa waiver. A decision on the compliance of foreign work with Lithuanian labour market needs is issued for up to two years. Based on this document, a foreigner can apply for a residence permit in Lithuania. The foreigner can only start working after obtaining a residence permit.

Qualification requirements for foreigners

Please note that a work permit or a decision on compliance with the needs of the Lithuanian labour market is issued if the foreigner has:

  • qualifications relevant to the work to be done, or
  • one year work experience in the last three years relevant to the work to be done, or
  • the foreigner is expected to be paid a monthly salary not less than the last published average monthly gross salary in the national economy (including wage data for individual enterprises) for the calendar year (hereinafter – “last published gross salary”).

The foreigner must obtain a work permit before the date of the planned conclusion of the employment contract or the start of the planned work in the Republic of Lithuania. The employer can submit the recruitment documents to the Employment Service one month after the expiry of the vacancy notice. A foreigner can only hold one work permit at a time.

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