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Croatia, country located in the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is a small yet highly geographically diverse crescent-shaped country. Its capital is Zagreb, located in the north.

The present-day republic is composed of the historically Croatian regions of Croatia-Slavonia (located in the upper arm of the country), Istria (centered on the Istrian Peninsula on the northern Adriatic coast), and Dalmatia (corresponding to the coastal strip). Although these regions were ruled for centuries by various foreign powers, they remained firmly Western-oriented in culture, acquiring a legacy of Roman law, the Latin alphabet, and western European political and economic traditions and institutions. A part of Yugoslavia for much of the 20th century, Croatia suffered considerably from the disintegration of that federation in the early 1990s. The European trajectory of Croatia was finally realized in 2013 when it joined the European Union.

Croatia is currently in need of a lot of workers. There are lots of industries like construction and tourism, which simply do not have enough manpower. As a result, Croatian companies are looking foreign workers to fill these roles.

Work Permit Details

  • Applicants planning to work in Croatia will need a work permit and a residency permit.
  • Applicants outside of the EU need to obtain a work permit through their local Republic of Croatia diplomatic mission.
  • Most Croatia work and residence permits are valid for a minimum 12 months or 2 years.
  • However, Croatia allows applicants to extend their work permit at least 60 days before it expires if they need to continue to work in the country.
  • The work permit can further be extended for 2 years at every extension. After residing and working in Croatia for 5 years, applicant becomes eligible for Permanent Residency in Croatia and after 6 years can apply for citizenship subject to meeting eligibility.
  • An EU Blue Card is a residence permit for qualified non-EU foreign nationals to work in a European country. Croatia is also a part of the EU Blue Card network, which can help third-country nationals.

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